Seja bem vindo, amigo!

Seja bem-vindo, amigo! Seja você também mais um subversivo! Não se entregue e nem se integre às mentiras do governo e nem da mídia! Seja livre, siga o seu instinto de liberdade! Laissez faire! Amém!


sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2016

Out of Poverty (Fora da Pobreza) por Benjamin Powell. Dicas de livros subversivos

“Ben Powell's Out of Poverty, is a classic example of praxeological reasoning and  the purpose of political economy in the hands of a skilled thinker influenced by Mises's approach.  Listen to his discussion of the book, he treats the ends of the critics of sweatshops as given, he deploys straightforward analysis of the effectiveness of the chosen means for the attainment of those given ends, and demonstrates in a non-normative yet powerful way how the critics and policy makers influenced by the critics are in fact engaged in counter-productive policies from their own point of view.  Graduate students and young economists take notice, this is how you are supposed to be doing (as opposed to talking) praxeology.” Peter Boettke


Biblioteca Subversiva: Dicas de livros

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